Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Theres This Cat...

One night there was this cat on my back porch. Of course, I feel sorry for it at first glance and want to feed it. So i gave it the left over steak we had for dinner. It was wanting to come in to the apartment but I wouldn't let it because I didnt know if it had some disease or whatnot. It spent about 30 minutes to an hour on the porch that night then went away. The next night, theres the cat again. Sitting there on the porch staring in through the door window. Who knows how long it was sitting there just staring LOL. I gave it some cheese. I dont know if its a boy or a girl. I can't tell with cats. I tried to make a bed for it on the porch but it wasn't havin it. Greg warned me about feeding it but I dont mind it being around. I actually didn't expect it to come around anymore. So.... The night after, here it is again. Staring through the door window. It freaked me out. I opened the door to pet it and sat there petting for close to 15 minutes. I start feeling sorry for it. I want it to come in. But i can't let it :( I close the door saying bye to the kitty. It never left. I went to bed with it still sitting there on the porch, looking in. Poor thing. Tonight, AGAIN the cat. Staring. Maybe its time to name him/her. Its a young pretty gray cat. Sort of like the one in the picture. Very sweet. I dont know if it belongs to anyone or not. It seems to friendly to be a stray. All the rest of the cats around here run from you. This one is a bit scared but will still come to you. I wonder if it will come back tomorrow. :)

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  1. how cute, looks like im first person to comment:)